One of the benefits of attending the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference is getting one-on-one meetings with faculty members.

  • Chat about your work-in-progress.
  • Brainstorm ideas.
  • Pitch your project to agents and acquisition editors.
  • Ask questions about your manuscript, your website, your next step, or the publishing industry in general.

Once your online registration is confirmed, you may choose the top four faculty members you’d like appointments with.

Look through the Faculty Bios, Editorial Needs, and Freelance Specialties pages of the website and consider who you’d most like to meet with. If you’re new to writing for publication, an appointment with one of our freelance authors or editors would be an excellent benefit. If you have a complete and polished manuscript ready to submit to an agent or publisher, meeting with one of them to discuss your project would provide valuable personalized direction. If you’re interested in self-publishing, screenplays, developing or revising your website, etc., choose one of our faculty members who is teaching in that specialty.

Also, look at the Program page and determine if there are workshops you wouldn’t mind missing. (Remember, you can purchase recordings of all workshops at the conference.) Choose your top-choice appointment days and times.

Fill out your preferences on the form below. Our Appointments Team will preschedule two fifteen-minute appointments for you. They’ll do their best to get you the people, days, and times you listed, but preference will be given in the order in which registrations are completed.

When you pick up your conferee packet at registration, look for a note that tells you when your appointments have been scheduled and with whom. Mark them on your conference schedule.

Additional appointments may be made when you meet faculty members in person at the conference. Come to the Wednesday evening Welcome Reception with your list of the times you want to use for appointments, along with your list of faculty members you’ve decided would be a good fit for you but that you didn’t get prescheduled appointments with. Connect with those faculty members at the reception and ask to schedule appointments with them. Be prepared with alternatives if your top choices of people and/or times are unavailable. Be sure to mark your appointment times on the schedule in your packet

To Request Pre-Scheduled Appointments

Enter your name and email address, tell us the days you will be attending the conference, then select your top four choices of faculty members in order of preference.

Please list your preferred appointment times for each conference day. Check the schedule above for the hours of the appointment desk.

Please select up to four faculty members you would like an appointment with.

After completing your selections and submitting this form, you will receive an email confirming your form submission. The email you receive is not a confirmation of your selections. It is a confirmation of the form submission only. You will receive your appointment schedule at the conference, during check-in.