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The Journey Awaits

Kim Bangs by Kim Bangs I gingerly climbed onto the boat, holding on to any rail, chain, or human hand I could find. Why is it I picture myself falling into the water every time? Once on the boat, I took the prime position, by the window at the bow. I had no idea what...

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Writing by Emotion

Martha Bolton Writing by Emotion is my own way of making sure the dialogue I write sounds authentic. If your writing is based on real emotion, it won’t ring hollow or overpower a written situation. By taking authentic emotions from different experiences in your own...

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Writing Devotionals Best Discipline

Susan King “Whenever I find my writing getting sloppy, I write a devotional for The Upper Room and it tightens it right up,” book author and former editor (The Saturday Evening Post, Guideposts) Hal Hostetler once told me.  He claimed that writing devotionals was the...

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7 Steps to Writing Great Flash Fiction

by Ben Wolf  Instant gratification reigns supreme in today’s fast-paced society. I could go into a spiel here about Twitter, DVR, multi-tasking, and Big Macs, but we all live it (and, in most cases, love it) every day. Writing is no different. E-readers are replacing...

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