• Fiction: Bill Myers
  • Writing the Irresistible Nonfiction Book: Joseph Bentz
  • Writing for Children: Valeria Coulman


  • Screenwriting: Bob Saenz & Jeff Willis
  • Speaking Fearlessly: Tamy Whitehurst
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writing: Janeen Ippoito



  • Writing Faith-Adjacent Films: Bob Saenz
  • Business Basics for Creatives: Jeff Willis
  • Differences between Writing Novels & Writing Screenplays: Bob Saenz & Janice Thompson
  • Day Jobs & Side Gigs: Jeff Willis
  • Marketing Strategies for Screenwriters: Jeff Willis
  • How to Survive Hollywood: Dr. Ted Baehr

How to SurviHollywood without Losing Your Soul: Ted Baehr


  • Use Your Faith to Change Hollywood: Dr.Ted Baehr
  • Turn Your Novel into a Screenplay: Bob Saenz

  • The Kingdom Is within You: Nathan Scoggins



  • Writing Mysteries: Janice Thompson & Linda Kozar
  • Build Suspense with Page-Turning Scenes: Jennifer Crosswhite & Liz Tolsma
  • Backstory: How to Do It Right: Jennifer Crosswhite
  • Develop Humor in Your Fiction: Janeen Ippolito
  • How to Write Romantic Chemistry: Janeen Ippolito
  • Four Pillars of Character Development:  Aaron Gansky
  • Writing Your Past into Your Fiction: Susan Baganz

  • Subtext in Fiction: Lori Freeland

  • Writing Inspirational Romance: Susan Baganz

  • Should Christian Fantasy Include Magic?: E. Stephen Burnett

Writing Your Past into Your Fiction: Susan Baganz

Writing Inspirational Romance: Susan Baganz


  • Writing for SoCal Christian Voice: Beckie Lindsey
  • Working with a Freelance Editor: Erin Brown
  • Self-Editing for Writers: Erin Brown
  • Writing for Clubhouse & Clubhouse Jr.: Kate Jameson
  • Analyze Your Publishing Choices: Frank Ball & Marji Lane
  • The Dreaded Rejection Letter: Liz Tolsma
  • Write a Winning Proposal: Sarah Rubio
  • Write & Advocate Your Diverse Book: Sarah Rubio
  • Escape the Maybe Pile: Kate Jameson

  • Writing a Series: Rachel Marks


  • Instagram 101 Plus: Beckie Lindsey
  • Creative Marketing: Tamara Clymer
  • Sales & Marketing in a God-Honoring Way: Janeen Ippolito
  • Your Unique Marketing Profile:  Stephanie Alton
  • Instagram 101 Plus: April Dillow 

  • Demolishing Readers Stumbling Blocks: Lori Freeland

Stress-Free Social Media: Joanne Bischof


  • Differences in Spoken Words and Written Ones: Tim Riter
  • Transforming Spoken Words to Written: Tim Riter
  • Spoken Words to Written: Poetry in Prose: Tim Riter
  • How to Make Money Writing: Janice Thompson
  • Scrivner for Mac & PC: Jennifer Crosswhite & LIz Tolsma
  • Writing Can Be So “Taxing”: Chris Morris
  • Generating Multiple Author Income Streams: Chris Morris
  • Writing for the General Market: Mike Duran
  • Writing to a Postmodern Culture: Mike Duran

The Writing Life

  • Writing with Long-Term Illness: Chris Morris
  • Thriving in the Hardest Years: Kelly Harrel
  • Writing with a Full-Time Job: Kelly Harrel
  • Failure In Not an Option: Jennifer Farey
  • Embracing New Technology: Linda Kozar
  • Putting Pop Culture in Its Place: E. Stephen Burnett