Industry Professionals

Need help deciding who to meet for an appointment?

The Industry Professionals listed below state the types of writing they wish to see, and/ or areas they can discuss with conferees during appointments.


Stephanie Alton, Blythe Daniel Agency

Stephanie is teaching workshops on “Blogging Basics” and “Blogging to Book Deal.”

Her agency is acquiring manuscripts in the following areas. Non-fiction: Christian living, spiritual growth, memoir, current events, inspirational, business/leadership, marriage, parenting, political, social issues, women’s issues, new voices (pastors, journalists, and other professionals), and some gift and cookbooks. Also looking at books for Millennials. Devotionals: Will look at uniquely themed and creative devotional concepts. Children’s: Looking at picture book concepts that fit the Christian marketplace with faith content and also projects for the general market that don’t have faith content but stress morals and values. Author needs to have a good-sized platform for these books. Fiction: We will review adult trade fiction in the romance, contemporary women, western, and historical genres.

In general, authors need to have a platform that spans significant blog readership, online (guest blogging and media experience) and social media presence, active speaking schedule, and networking with other authors.

Come prepared to talk about what you are saying in your book that no one else is saying. You need to have a distinguishable book hook that is unique and stands out from other books. She needs to see how you have developed your concept in a way that makes her say, “I haven’t thought about that before” or “I haven’t heard anyone say it like that.”

Her agency is NOT acquiring poetry, Bible studies, or short stories.  We are reviewing a limited number of devotionals.

Karen Ball, Steve Laube Agency

Karen is one of our keynote presenters. She is also teaching workshops on “Caring for Your Writing Career” and “Working with Agents and Editors.”

Adria Goetz, Martin Literary Agency

Adria is teaching workshops on “The Current Picture Book Market” and “The Future of the Christian Picture Book Market.”

Adria is currently acquiring for picture books, middle grade, and young adult novels, as well as lifestyle/gift books, books, coloring books, Christian Living books, and devotionals. She is specifically looking to tell stories that have not been told before, featuring unique viewpoints and diverse characters.

She is NOT looking for Amish, high fantasy/spiritual warfare, memoirs, cozy mysteries, or romance.

She would love to chat with conference attendees about their picture book projects and how best to pitch their story to an agent.

Tessa Hall, Hartline Literary Agency

Here’s what Tessa’s looking for:

  • Hartline works with writers across all genres in ABA and CBA markets; however, Tessa specializes in Young Adult, Middle Grade, and New Adult fiction.
  • Illuminate, imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas: YA and NA fiction of all subgenres except fantasy/speculative/supernatural fiction.
  • Pursue Magazine: Blog posts for the website, magazine articles, filler articles, and short devotionals. Please see for writing guidelines.

Terry Porter, WGA

Terry handles motion pictures, screenplays, and MOW’s and TV Series.

Action…comedy…romance most all topics I will look at. No Horror, slasher killer-thriller for me.


  • Westerns
  • Family
  • Drama
  • historical work for publishing and others.

Current work:

  • The Council…Spy drama
  • Stagecoach….History of rides and routes of coaches.


Book Publishers

Kim Bangs, Bethany House and Chosen

Kim, one of our keynote presenters, is looking for non-fiction resources from authors with an existing and growing platform and who are passionate about their message. Particular categories of interest for Bethany House: Christian living; Relationships; Bible guide/lay reference; Women’s Interests and Bible Studies for Women. For Chosen Books: Spirit-filled living; Spiritual warfare/deliverance; Prophecy; and Prayer/intercession. She is NOT looking for fiction, memoirs, biographies and autobiographies.

Sandra Barela, Celebrate Lit Publishing

Sandra Barela will be teaching “Keys to a Successful Book Proposal” and “Social Media 101”.

Celebrate Lit Publishing is looking for Christian full-length novels or novellas in the following genres:

  • Contemporary fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Amish Fiction
  • Romance
  • Mystery, suspense or cozy Mysteries
  • Fantasy
  • Young adult – any genre
  • We will consider children’s lit if it is something out of the ordinary
  • Non-fiction – Autobiographies, biographies, memoirs, devotionals, etc.

 We are not looking for:

  • Cookbooks,
  • Self-help books
  • Biblical reference
  • Bible study tools
  • Adult sci-fi or dystopian (will consider YA)
  • Spiritual warfare

Sandra is willing to meet with anyone who would like to have their manuscripts looked over to receive feedback. We are not looking for the perfect pitch. Celebrate Lit Publishing is looking for authors who want the feel of family in their publishing experience. We strive to honor Christ by producing the best work possible for the Christian community.

Jenny Baumgartner, Nelson Books

Jenny is the editorial director of Nelson Books, a nonfiction division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing. She’s currently acquiring nonfiction, particularly in the areas of self-help/motivational, psychology, business, narrative nonfiction and memoir, and Christian living and spiritual growth.

Miralee Ferrell, Mountain Brook

Mirallee is  teaching workshops on “How to Publicize Your New Release” and “Creative Ways to Get the Story Flowing.”

Mountain Brook Ink is looking for:

  • Mysteries, both standard and cozies
  • Suspense and romantic suspense
  • Contemporary novels for and about women, including romance
  • Historical romance, old west, regency, and more (within the U.S.) NOT looking for anything from 1920 forward. Can be historical fiction without a romance
  • Amish themed ONLY IF the author has Anabaptist background or close ties
  • Fantasy/sci-fi/spiritual warfare (not our highest priority right now), NOT looking for dystopian fiction
  • Young adult to a small degree—I’m interested if it truly shines
  • Anything else that’s fresh and well-written
  • NOT looking for any children’s or middle-grade novels (might make an exception for fantasy)
  • Not looking for any non-fiction, short stories, novellas, poetry, or memoirs

Renae Brumbaugh Green, Armonia Publishing

Renae is teaching workshops on “Humor Writing” and “Choosing a Small Press.”

Armonia Publishing is currently looking for page-turning, humor-filled Middle Grade and YA fiction that contains at least one character who is classified as a special needs person. The special need should not define the character, but should simply be a matter-of-fact descriptor.

For example, a person might be blonde or brunette, tall or short, deaf or hearing, blind or sighted . . . but those traits don’t drive the person’s personality. We’re also looking for uplifting, positive nonfiction books directed at the special needs community, and a limited number of educational resources. For example, we recently published a book called Play With Your Food: Edible Science Experiments and a picture book titled The Triangle Triplets: How the Triangles Got Their Names.

MacKenzie Howard, Thomas Nelson

MacKenzie is teaching workshops on “Devotionals for All Ages” and “Writing a Book Proposal.” She handles acquisitions for children’s books that include nonfiction, from birth to age 18, and fiction to age 12.She is particularly interested in nonfiction for teens, devotionals for children and teens, and Bible storybooks with unique and compelling hooks. She also handles the gift book division; Thomas Nelson publishes four-color gift books, cookbooks, lifestyle books, promise books, list books, and devotionals. In addition to looking for these products, MacKenzie is always on the hunt for great freelance writers. She’s particularly interested in freelancers for devotionals (all ages), Bible storybooks, and writers who excel at writing rhyming verse for children.

Erin Taylor Young, Serenade Books

Serenade Books is a boutique publisher focusing on romance e-books in the inspirational market. While the stories can be contemporary or historical, the romance must be the primary focus. Serenade is currently most interested in acquiring historical romance, but they will also consider contemporary stories featuring heroes who are military, firemen, policemen, etc. They prefer series rather than stand-alone books. These can be novellas (20-25k words) or full length (45-65k words). Please bring sample pages of your book to your meeting. Erin Taylor Young is also happy to meet with any writers who have questions about writing as a career, or who want an evaluation of their writing, or simply want to practice or refine their pitch.



Jenne Acevedo, Christian Editor Network LLC

Jenne would be delighted to chat about the editing process, why it’s important to have a professional edit, how to find the right editor for your project, working with a mentor, critiquing your manuscript, and more. She accepts private clients through Acevedo Word Solutions LLC, where she specializes in nonfiction. As a co-owner of Christian Editor Network LLC, she advises on editing for any genre. Jenne is attending to present the Excellence in Editing Awards and will be taking appointments on Saturday afternoon only.


Magazine Publishers

Susan King, The Upper Room

Susan is teaching a two-part workshop on “Writing Devotionals.”

Susan is looking to acquire short non-fiction (primarily devotionals). Although she would be happy to look at any genre, except screenplays and speculative fiction—including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.

Ben Wolf, Splickety Magazine

Ben is teaching two workshops: “Writing Flash Fiction that Sells” and “Acting OutFighting Basics for Writers.”

Splickety Publishing Group publishes top-notch flash fiction stories from writers in varying levels of their careers–from beginners to bestsellers. We actively acquire a new set of flash fiction stories for each of our three quarterly magazines (12 total issues per year): Splickety (YA-themed fiction with various subgenres), Havok (speculative fiction), and Spark (romance fiction).

Each of our issues has a different theme every month, which you can find on our website, Stories must fit one of those themes in order to be considered for publication.

Ben Wolf is also interested in talking with speculative fiction authors about their projects and their career goals. He is available for consultations for any speculative fiction project, whether it’s CBA-friendly or not. He is actively looking for speculative fiction editing clients as well. Visit his website, for more information.



Frank Ball

Give five double-spaced pages of your manuscript to Frank Ball, and you’re sure to walk away with at least a half-dozen insights on how you can improve your writing skills. After more than twenty-five years of writing, editing, ghostwriting, and helping hundreds of writers, both individually and in groups, he’s well prepared to answer any question you might have about the craft of writing, whether fiction or nonfiction.

Martha Bolton

Martha is a writer who writes in various genres, with a career emphasis on humor writing. She has written books for all ages, magazine articles, plays and musicals, cartoon gags, and song lyrics.

Valerie Coulman

Valerie’s first love is writing for children, but she is also published in content writing, magazine articles (primarily non-fiction), stage scripts and song lyrics. She has edited novels for both YA and adults, and ghostwritten non-fiction as well.

Shannon Dittemore

Shannon is happy to chat with any conferee about their fiction projects. YA Fiction and Speculative Fiction are perhaps the two areas where she is most qualified to give feedback, and she welcomes the opportunity to discuss any project belonging to a teen writer.

Brian Godawa

Brian would be happy to meet with conferees to discuss questions related to Hollywood screenwriting, its story structure, and how to integrate the Christian worldview in their stories and themes. He can also answer any questions regarding self-publishing novels and non-fiction on Amazon and other distributors.

Claire Hutchinson

Produced and award-winning screenwriter Claire Hutchinson, M.A., is willing to critique loglines and one sheets at her mentoring sessions.

Kathy Collard Miller

Kathy loves advising about projects which are non-fiction: articles, Christian living books, and Bible studies.

Rebecca LuElla Miller

Rebecca is available to discuss speculative fiction, editing needs (fiction or non-fiction), blogging or blog tours, story structure, character development ideas, incorporating a theme in fiction, and any other fiction-related topics.

Sally O’Connor

Sally and her husband, Michael have produced several albums of original Christian songs written in many different lyrical and musical styles, including: worship, narrative, humor, and blues, folk, pop, rock and reggae. Through their independent music ministry, she has toured many parts of the country and the world. She welcomes the opportunity to look over lyrics, listen to songs in the making, and hopefully give kind and constructive feedback.


Business and Promotion

Parker Cole – Blog Radio

Parker J. Cole is a radio host interested in showcasing Christian authors of all genres. Publishers, editors, and agents are invited to set an appointment to work out interviews to coincide with their author’s book release. Also, Parker is interested in highlighting ministries, business, author service providers, organizations, etc on her show as well. Feel free to set an appointment.