This is a brand-new conference, so we don’t have testimonials from previous years. However, here’s what people have said about the value of attending a writers’ conference!

Photo courtesy of Mehta Collaborative
Photo courtesy of Mehta Collaborative

Thanks to attending my first writers’ conference, I have published three successful books. Because of what I learned about writing, marketing, and publishing, my first book was published within a year. Most beneficial were the many networking opportunities with authors, editors, speakers,  agents, and a publisher.

I know that without the jump start of my first conference, I may not be a writer today. After the first conference, I went on to actively participate in more conferences as a panel member, speaker and coach.

Whatever the initial cost in time or expense, the conference experience has paid me back many times in countless positive ways. As a bonus, I met some fellow writers and kindred spirits who have become lasting friends and colleagues.             —Brenda Hill

 Here are responses from attendees at the last Christian writers’ conference Kathy Ide directed (in spring of 2016)

“I wanted to thank the entire faculty for an incredible event. Everything was very smooth and enjoyable. My wife and I greatly appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the industry. Thank you again for all you do.” —Andy

“The conference was great. I came away so inspired and with great information that I am excited to put to work on the book I am working on. I took the advanced non-fiction classes on both Fri and Sat. Joseph Bentz was great as always. His input, along with the class members, considerably helped me out with how to lay out my book. And, for the first time, Marci Seither actually opened my eyes with new ideas as to how to promote and market my non-fiction book. Thank you, Marcie, along with the class members. Thank you, Kathy.” —Muriel

“Marci Seither was amazing at the conference with the Advanced Nonfiction Track. I got so much info on how to proceed with my book. She is personable, funny, smart and a great mentor. Thank you, Marci!” —Sallie

“Incredible day on Friday. Connected with old friends, learned and inspired by the intermediate fiction track, and saw God’s presence in the entire day.” —Debbie

“Special shout-out to the great industry professionals I met and talked with this weekend. Donna Stanley, Ben Wolf, Kathi Macias, Merrie Destefano, Rebecca LuElla Miller, Mike Duran, and Lindsay Franklin, you all spoke with wisdom and encouragement. Thank you all.” —Wendy

“God certainly met with us at the conference. So thankful for all the delightful people I met and gleaned from. The track with Kathi Macias was a true inspiration. I went home afterward and hugged my children. I love the Lord!” —Erendira

“Had a great time at the conference this weekend! Wonderful people who love writing and who are on their way to accomplishing their publishing dreams! —Sharon

“Great group of conferees! Lots of interesting people with a desire to write and with ideas that can impact our culture. I loved meeting people with creativity, commitment, a heart for people and for the God we serve.” —Rebecca